Fresh Leg of Pork on Apple Wine Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)

For The Apple Cider Sauce:

For The Club:


For the apple cider sauce: Chop the game bones and fry them heartily in a little bit of fat, add the cleaned and chopped vegetables as well as the spices and roast them. Add the paradeis pulp, sauté for 2 min and extinguish with the cider. Make the sauce and fill it up with the water. Make the sauce about 1/2 hour and strain. Season with salt, pepper and sugar and thicken a little bit with maizena (corn starch) stirred in water until smooth.

For the leg: Season the leg of fresh boar with salt and pepper and brown it in hot fat on both sides in a roasting pan. Continue cooking for about 20 min in the heated stove at 200§C, sprinkle with the rosemary and finish cooking in another 10 min.

Remove the skin from the apples, remove the core and cut them into eighths. Heat them briefly in a frying pan with butter, sugar and the cider. Let the cider boil away and glaze the apple slices.

Cut the fresh leg of pork into slices, arrange the sauce on the plate, cover with the slices of meat and add the glazed apples. It goes very well with roasted parsley roots and homemade sparrows.

Tip: Always use aromatic spices to refine your dishes!

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