Cabbage Rolls Del Mar

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Cabbage roll:

Fish stock:


Fennel risotto:

Fish VeloutÉ:

Garnishes & Decoration:

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Cabbage naturally occupies a large space on the menu of a people who for decades were belaestert by European neighbors as the “Krauts”. Good opportunity to think about the classic for the harvest of green heads: cabbage roll.

Here, then, is the not-so-simple recipe for luxury cabbage rolls (Kohlrouladen) on: pointed cabbage instead of cabbage, fresh crayfish tails and char for the filling, plus a fennel risotto, sugar snap peas and a creamy veloute – the whole thing prepared from fresh, selected ingredients according to the classic rules of the (cooking) art in an aroma-friendly way.

In addition, such a coarse, filled with fat pork mince and fried in clarified butter cabbage roulade with potatoes seems somehow totally unkohl.

Cabbage roulade to begin gut the char, fillet, skin the fillets, cut into fine strips: The char has a smooth skin and does not need to be scaled.

To fillet, score diagonally below the gills at the beginning with a sharp kitchen knife, and… cut the fillet into small pieces backwards along the middle bone.

Do the same with the back, then skin the fillet and cut into tender strips.

Keep four strips, cut any remaining fillet into coarse pieces, freeze for 30 minutes. Chop the rest of the fish (except the skin) into several pieces and make a fish stock.

Fish stock Put fish carcasses in cold water three times in a row, after 10 min each time wake up the water.

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