Liver with Apple Rings

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)

for 4 servings:


Peel onions and cut into rings.

Remove the skin from the apples and cut out the core with an apple corer. Cut apples into slices.

Melt light butter or butter in a frying pan. Sauté the apple slices until translucent, then remove. In the same fat, sauté the onion rings until soft and remove. Keep warm.

Turn the liver slices in flour on the other side, pat well, roast in the same fat from both sides. Season with salt and pepper afterwards.

Serve the liver with apple slices and onion rings. In Berlin it is served with mashed potatoes.

As a menu suggestion:

Entrée: Watercress leaf salad.

Main course: Liver with apple rings

Dessert: grape cream

half an hour

serve & drink

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