Le Gigot De Sept Heures – The Seven Hours Leg of Lamb

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)



De-bone (have de-boned) leg of lamb so that only a few centimeters of the bone remain. Lard with bacon.

Take a casserole that can be closed as tightly as possible (a Roman casserole is of course just as suitable, but must be well preheated).

Sauté the leg of lamb with the whole carrots and the bouquet garni in hot oil. Degrease the jus, add the stock, the paradeis sauce and half of the cognac, put the whole onions around the leg. Place a bowl with the white wine in the casserole, close the casserole as tightly as possible. Meanwhile, braise at very low heat – about 80 degrees – for seven hours. Add white wine as needed to compensate for loss of liquid.

Remove leg and onions, keep warm. Strain stock, boil a little more if necessary. Season to taste, perfume with the rest of the cognac.

Important: this leg is so tender that it is not carved, but served with a spoon (that is why this preparation is also often called “gigot a la cuillere”)! Offer the soft braised onions with it.

Preparation time: half an hour

Difficulty: normal

Our tip: use a bacon with a strong flavor – this way you will give this dish a special touch!

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