Honey Bananas with Pistachios

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Total time: 15 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Wash and halve the lime. Cut one half into thin slices and squeeze the rest.

Cut 4 thin slices from the lemon and squeeze the rest.

Peel bananas, cut in half lengthwise, cut into pieces and sprinkle with lime juice. Then turn the bananas in breadcrumbs and press down a little.

Heat the fat in a frying pan. Fry bananas in it, turning several times, until golden brown.

Coarsely chop the pistachios. Divide bananas into portions on small plates and drizzle with honey or maple syrup. Sprinkle pistachios on top and decorate with lime or lemon slices or, if desired, with lemon balm leaves.

Serve with a latte or espresso as a beverage.

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