Yorkshire Pudding

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (Portionen)



Of course, this pudding has nothing to do with a dessert, as most puddings that are appreciated in England – and as it was, by the way, earlier also with us common: Rather, a pudding is a kind of pastry, with many eggs, also vegetables or meat as an additional ingredient, which was baked in a certain give in a water bath. The so-called pudding form looks with us rather like a Gugelhupfform, which one can close with a lid.

In England, there are many different molds, depending on the type of pudding. The special Yorkshire pudding mold is similar to what is called a Pfitzaufform in southern Germany.

It consists of six or nine ramekins, which hang side by side. The dough, which is a kind of pancake dough, is poured into them and rises in the oven until it is airy and fluffy. If you put the form under the meat, the juice can drip into it, which gives the Yorkshire pudding its aroma.

Of course, it’s also possible without giving it: You can make good use of an ordinary roasting pan or a shallow ovenproof baking dish. In this case, the pudding is cut into pieces for serving, like a lasagna or sheet cake.

Whisk the salt, flour, eggs and milk until smooth and set aside to cool for half an hour.

Heat the lard or butter in the mold, beat the dough repeatedly and pour it into the mold. Put them like the potato gratin under the meat directly on the bottom of the ba

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