Wiener Schnitzel in Sesame Breading

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Total time: 30 min



The quality of the veal is crucial and a properly nicely curled breading. The thickness of each cutlet is also important. To do this, gently pound out the veal with a meat mallet so that it is only a few millimeters thick.

Then season the meat on both sides with a little salt and pepper to taste.

Prepare two shallow and one deep plate for the breading. In the two shallow plates, prepare the flour and the sesame mixture. In the deep plate, beat the eggs with a dash of milk and whisk well.

Now turn the meat first in flour, tapping off excess. Then drag the veal cutlets through the eggs and finally turn generously in the sesame mixture.

Heat enough oil in a large skillet so that the cutlets have enough room to float. Fry out until they are the classic, famous golden brown color.

Then lift the cutlets out of the fat, let them drain a little on paper towels.

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