Wild Boar Slices After

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Total time: 45 min



Cut off the skin and fat from the wild boar loin, remove the bones and cut escalopes, which are larded, salted, one side dipped in flour and quickly fried in hot fat.

In the same way, cut, lard, salt and fry venison cutlets in the same way as wild boar cutlets.

The fat is then drained and a juice is made with tap water or bone broth, which is then used for cooking. Add a small amount of fat to the drained fat, let the bones and meat scraps brown in it, then add the root vegetables cut into slices and finally the onion cut into slices. Add a cube of sugar, dust with flour, after roasting add spices, pour tap water or bone broth, add red wine, currant juice or cranberry juice and let the sauce boil away. Next, it is strained, cream and juice of one lemon are added, cutlets are put in and stewed until soft.

Add to the sauce diced mushrooms steamed in butter, scalded, roasted and diced sweetbreads and goose liver.

The cutlets are arranged on a baking dish, the juices poured over them and surrounded with toppled noodles (pasta timbales).

Our tip: use bacon with a subtle smoky touch!

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