Roll of Salmon Trout with Maties, Malteser and Herbs

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)



Fillet the salmon trout cleanly, remove the skin and pull out any remaining bones with tweezers. Now flatten the trout fillets on a firm surface. Spread the trout fillets out on a sheet of food wrap and top with the matjes fillets. Form the fish into a tight roll and twist into the foil. Place in the freezer for one day. Finely dice the apple and mix a marinade of balsamic vinegar olive oil, vinegar, malteser, juice of one lemon and chopped chives, season with pepper. Cut the salmon roll into small pieces on the machine, place the slices on the plates and drizzle a little of the marinade over them. Garnish with lettuce leaves and party tomatoes. hs-Cetraenketipp: As a

Riesling of the Wc Neuweier-Bühlertal, both of course dry. Entrées, which one can prepare, facilitate the hospitality rather guests. Wolfgang Nagel’s rolled fish variations make this possible and are also very refreshing. Depending on your mood, you can add a little chopped dill to the marinade. Kerstin Nagel serves fresh bread.

It could be that a little of the delicious apple-aquavit marinade has remained on the plate… Salmon trout and salmon trout are “two pairs of boots”, there is the naturally coming to red meat sea trout and the rainbow trout from the breeding, which with the feed carotene added as a dye

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