Cream Boletus Mushrooms with Fried Napkin Dumplings

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



A delicious mushroom dish for any occasion!

Original source : Ard-Buffet – Recipe service “Forest and meadow mushrooms” by Rainer Strobel.

For the dumplings, cut the rolls into cubes and put them in a suitable bowl.

Separate the eggs. Mix the egg yolks with milk, salt and a little nutmeg and pour over the bread crumbs, press the mixture together and let it stand for half an hour. Add half of the chopped parsley. Whip the egg whites until stiff and fold the whipped egg whites into the bread crumb mixture.

Butter a piece of aluminum foil. Form the dumpling mass into a roll with 7 to 8 cm ø and wrap it in the aluminum foil.

Then make the roll in salted water for about 35 min. After cooking, unwrap and cut into slices about 2 cm thick.

Only clean the men’s mushrooms, do not rinse them. Now cut them into larger cubes. Cut the shallot into cubes, chop the garlic and heat in olive oil. Now fry the mushrooms in it, season with salt and pepper and fill up with whipped cream. Boil the whipped cream to half.

Add a spoonful of butter and the remaining parsley. Serve the creamed boletus mushrooms with the dumpling slices.

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