Wreath Cake, Gundula Wreath – Curd Cheese Oil Dough

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Total time: 45 min

For the curd oil dough:

For the almond filling:

For the nut filling:


A great cake recipe for any occasion:

Make curd oil dough according to basic recipe. If dough should be a little bit soft, knead in up to an eighth more flour additionally, roll out dough according to recipe to a rectangle of 50×55 cm, brush with melted butter, cut lengthwise in the middle, spread prepared filling evenly on both pieces of dough, roll up each piece of dough loosely from the long side from the outside to the inside, wrap both rolls around each other, place as a wreath on buttered baking sheet, brush with egg, score the top rolls about 1 cm deep, bake in heated oven at medium heat (180-200 °C ) in about 35-45 min.

Almond filling:

Coarsely chop peeled almond kernels, finely dice candied lemon peel, rinse raisins and raisins, scald, drain well, perhaps dab lightly between dish towels, mix all ingredients with sugar and vanilla sugar.

Kranzkuchen can also be filled with nut filling:

Remove hazelnuts from shell as you like, grate, stir with sugar and flavor ingredients to taste and sweet cream. Or whip very stiff ice cream, gradually sift in sugar, continue whipping until quantity is very stiff and glossy, add flavor ingredients to taste, stir in grated hazelnuts, brush quantity.

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