Veal Cream Goulash with Butter Gnocchi – Heino Huber

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Butter dumplings:


For the veal goulash, parry the veal shoulder and cut it into cubes weighing about 30g.

Fry the onions in clarified butter until golden brown, add paradeis pulp and paprika powder, roast [1] and extinguish with red wine vinegar. Pour in veal stock, bring the sauce to a boil, fold in herb mixture and grated lemon peel, squeeze garlic and add. Add the meat and simmer gently in the sauce for about an hour.

Remove the meat from the sauce with a sieve spoon [2], place in a suitable bowl and cover with a wet dishcloth.

Cook the sauce to the desired consistency, season with salt, blend. At the very end, add the meat to the sauce, heat briefly and serve. Add some whipped cream to the sauce and pour it over the veal goulash.

In the meantime, for the butter dumplings, remove the crust from the rolls, soak in milk, squeeze out. Stir the butter [2] until it is nice and creamy and whitish, seasoning it lightly with salt and adding a little galangal and nutmeg. Then gradually add egg yolks and strained pancakes, stirring well in between until creamy. Fold in a little flour, whip the egg whites until stiff and mix gently.

From the amount cut off a sample dumpling, form in boiling salted water, reduce the temperature and lightly simmering in about six to eight minutes cook. If the dumplings are too firm, add another

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