Target Cake

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 16.0 (servings)

Sponge cake:

For The Sponge Roll:

For The Cappuccino Cream:

For The Blood Orange Cream:



Preheat electric oven to 175 °C.

Mix the fat with the vanilla sugar, eggs and powdered sugar until creamy. Fold in the orange zest and the liqueur. Mix flour with baking powder and fold into the dough. Pour into a greased springform pan, bake for 35 minutes (gas: level 2). Cool.

Preheat electric oven to 200 degrees.

Separate the eggs for the sponge cake. Beat the egg yolks with lukewarm water and the sugar until creamy. Mix the flour with the almond kernels, fold into the egg cream with the stiffly beaten egg whites.

Cover the baking tray from the narrow side to the half with parchment paper, fold up the edge. Brush dough, bake for 10 minutes (gas: level 3).

Melt dark nougat (1) in water bath, fold in cocoa. Turn out the hot sponge onto a sugared kitchen towel. Remove paper. Brush nougat thinly, roll up tightly from long side.

Cook pudding with milk but without sugar. Chop chocolate, let it melt in the pudding.

Cut the sponge mixture base once. Smooth cream on bottom half, place top half, attach springform pan rim. Soak the gelatin. Stir fruit juice with juice of one lemon and zest and vanilla sugar. Allow gelatine to melt, stir through with juice.

Whip half of the whipped cream until stiff, fold into the gelling mixture, spread on the cake, set aside to cool.

Cut sponge cake roll into 1 cm wide slices. Remove the edge of the springform pan. Allow the remaining nougat to melt and spread over the edge of the cake.

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