Fish Chinese

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


For garnish:


Wash trout and carp under running water. Gut, remove skins from the abdominal cavity. Scale the carp if necessary. Rinse both fish again under cold water. Dry with household paper. Sprinkle inside and outside with juice of one lemon. Make several cross cuts along the back of both fish. Rub with salt and pepper.

Cut smoked ham into narrow strips. Place in the incisions. Rinse cabbage leaves and dry with household paper. Grease fireproof oval dish with light butter and place fish in it. Clean the mushrooms and cut them into slices. Cut ginger into slices as well. Mix and sprinkle over the fish.

Spread 3 tbsp soy sauce evenly on top. Dust with ground star anise. Pour a little hot water on top. Cover with a lid or aluminum foil. Put in the heated stove on the middle shelf. Baking time: half an hour at 200 °C While roasting, pour the rest of the water over it, basting it with stock every now and then. Remove from the stove. Arrange the fish with the cabbage leaves on a heated plate. Boil the stock with a little water. Thicken with maizena (cornstarch) mixed in cold water. Season to taste and offer separately with the fish. Baste fish with strongly heated lard and drizzle with juice of one lemon.

Rinse and dry parsley, chop and sprinkle over fish. Cut peeled lemon into slices. Fisc

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