Sushi Variations – Otto Koch

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


Nigiri Sushi:

Maki sushi:




Rinse long-grain rice in a sieve under sufficiently cold water until it remains clear. Now drain and swell the long-grain rice for about an hour.

Bring the long-grain rice to the boil according to the instructions. Continue to simmer gently over medium heat for five minutes until all the water has been absorbed. Cover the saucepan, reduce the temperature again and gently steam over the lowest heat for about fifteen minutes. Once cooked, cover a dishcloth over the saucepan and allow the long grain rice to cool for ten to fifteen minutes.

The still warm long grain rice best in a previously cooled rinsed stone bowl or wooden bowl form. The long grain rice must now cool quickly. The Japanese use a fan for this, but a hair dryer (set to cold, of course) will also do. Constant turning should evaporate as much moisture as possible so that the rice grains “shine like pearls in the light of the morning sun”.

Melt the sugar and salt in the rice vinegar thoroughly and spread evenly over the long-grain rice. Using a wooden spoon, carefully make furrows in the long-grain rice, without crushing the long-grain rice, until everything is well mixed together.

For the nigiri sushi, form small oblong rice balls in your wet hand. Top each with a generously sized slice of salmon or several slices of scallop – or other very fresh fish fillets, o.e.

For the maki sushi, slice cucumber and tuna.

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