Salmon Tartlet with Wild Rice and Lemon Saffron Sauce

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



For the salmon tartlets, wash the fish fillets, pat dry. Cut the salmon into coarse cubes, the light fish fillet into smaller cubes. Wash the lemon hot and take some zest.

Separate the egg, beating the egg whites until very stiff. Blanch the peas and rinse them in ice water to keep their color, dry them well. Peel the shallot and dice very finely.

Prepare the warm vegetable soup, butter, lemon juice of 1/2 lemon, saffron threads, the potato flour, Noilly Prat, and a coated pan.

Mix the peas with the whipped cream, lemon zest, lemon pepper and a little salt to a farce, then carefully fold in the beaten egg whites. Butter the molds for the fish and place them on a buttered perforated sieve.

First put in the salmon cubes and press well, then a layer of pea farce, then the small light fish fillet cubes, finish with another layer of pea farce.

Heat some water in a saucepan and put the perforated sieve on, with the lid closed, let it steam for about 15 minutes. Wash the rice several times until the water runs clear.

Cook according to instructions, add some lemon zest to the water, replace part of the water, with vegetable soup, so the rice will be more flavorful.

Do not stir during cooking, so that the rice swells nicely and does not stick together. While the fish is cooking, melt the butter in the pan, sauté the shallots, deglaze with Noilly Prat and add wa

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