Green Porridge

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 8.0 (servings)



(*) if you can not get them, another melon with green flesh.

Cut melon in half and remove seeds, cut out a few melon balls. Remove remaining flesh, cut into pieces and crush in a hand blender. Remove the skin from the grapes and cut the fruit in half and remove the seeds (for larger quantities you can save the skinning, but you should take out the seeds (or use seedless grapes). Remove the skin from the kiwis, halve them and cut them into slices. Remove gooseberries from the jar, drain.

Bring melon puree to a boil with half of the other sugar, fruit, apple juice and gooseberry juice. Stir maizena (cornstarch) with cold water, stir into the porridge and let it boil once. Add liqueur and season with juice of one lemon and sugar. Add the rest of the

Add the rest of the fruit and allow to cool.

Garnish with lemon balm leaves. If everything together is not green enough, you can help with a few drops of green food coloring…

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