French Bouillabaisse with Rouille & White Bread

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Total time: 45 min




Fillet the fish and cook a fish stock from the carcass. Strain the stock. In the fish stock, cook potatoes and vegetables until tender. Steam tomatoes in steamer or over with steamer insert on stove, remove skins and seeds. Add bay leaves and tomatoes to soup, season with salt and Pernod, if desired. Cut the fish fillets into bite-sized pieces and sear them in a pan, skin side up.For the rouille, puree an old roll (or white bread), garlic, chili, salt and olive oil with a hand blender to a paste. Toast the baguette and place in bowls. Pour soup on the white bread, place vegetables on top, then place fish fillet on top and pour remaining soup. Serve with the rouille (separately).

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