Fine Curd Cheese Cherry Pie

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Total time: 45 min





A cake recipe for all foodies:

Knead all the ingredients for the dough until smooth. If the dough sticks, chill it for a while.

Roll out two thirds of the dough on the buttered bottom of a cake springform pan. Form the rest into a roll, place it as a rim on the dough bottom, press it against the pan so that it forms a rim about 3 cm high and prick the dough bottom a few times with a fork. Pre-bake in a heated oven at 200 to 220 °C for about 10 minutes.

Rinse, pit and dry the cherries and spread them evenly on the pre-baked base.

Separate the eggs. Mix curd with cornstarch, juice of one lemon, sugar and egg yolks. Separately, whip egg whites and whipped cream until stiff and gently fold in. Spread the mixture evenly over the cherries and smooth down. Prepare remaining ingredients into crumbles of desired size and spread evenly over filling.

Bake at about 170 °C for 70 to 80 min. After the baking time (oven turned off), leave the cake for another 15 min with the oven door open.

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