Fillet of Venison on Pointed Cabbage with Celery Puree

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Total time: 45 min

Ingredients For The Fillet Of Venison:

Ingredients For The Sauce:

Ingredients For The Celery PuerÉE:

Ingredients For The Cassis Figs:

Ingredients For The Romanesque:

Ingredients For The Pointed Cabbage:


Saddle of venison:

Sear the saddle of venison briefly on both sides in fresh butter with the juniper and blueberries. For about four minutes in the stove heated to 180 ° C form. Remove the meat and rest for six to eight min.


Roast the finely chopped venison bones evenly in clarified butter.

Add the roasted vegetables and roast gently. Add two tablespoons of paradeis pulp and sauté at low temperature until a uniform dark color appears. Deglaze the sauce with 1.5 liters of red wine and reduce completely. Next, add a small amount of chicken stock, but only enough to just cover the bones. Add the spices and let the sauce simmer for 1.5 hours at low temperature. Important: In between, skim off the fat and turbidity with a ladle. Do not season with pepper or salt! Celery puree: Peel the celery, cut into small cubes and put into a saucepan. Then add milk and whipping cream and season with salt. Cook over medium heat until the celery is completely cooked, stirring occasionally. In a separate saucepan, heat the butter until it is brown and then pour through a dish rack. Drain the celery on a colander and mash with brown butter in a hand mixer, season with salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Strain the puree through a fine sieve to remove perhaps

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