Bliny Variants, I

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Total time: 45 min

Buckwheat/wheat flour:

Wheat flour:

Wheat flour/smooth cream:

Tsar Bliny:

For The Lent:


Bliny from buckwheat and wheat flour, Bliny prostie

Make dough from wheat flour, half of buckwheat flour, yeast and warm water. Blanch (scald) remaining buckwheat flour with boiling milk, cool and incorporate. Go and stir in butter, whole eggs, salt and sugar. Rest for another hour.

Bliny from wheat flour, bliny pschenitschnie

Yeast dough go. Beat butter with egg yolks, salt and sugar until creamy, stir into dough and rise again. Finally, stir in stiff snow.

Bliny made from wheat flour with whipped cream, Bliny pschwnitschnie so sliwkami

Prepare the dough as in the previous recipe, but stir in stiff whipped cream with the snow.

Bliny from buckwheat and wheat flour, Bliny zarskie

Dough from buckwheat flour, yeast and a third of the milk go. Incorporate remaining milk and wheat flour and rise again. Mix butter with egg yolks, sour and sweet whipping cream, salt and sugar and stir into dough. Rise again 1 1/2 to 2 hours and stir in stiff peaks.

Bliny for Lent, Bliny postnie

Bliny for Lent are prepared without milk and eggs and baked in vegetable fat.

Dough made of buckwheat flour, half of wheat flour, yeast and about half of water should be left for 24 hours. Add the rest of the sugar, flour, salt and warm water until the dough has the right consistency. Let rise for another hour.

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