Two-Colored Asparagus Mousse with Radish Vinaigrette

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Asparagus mousse:

Radish vinaigrette:


A delicious recipe for the asparagus season:

Cut the peeled white asparagus spears into short pieces, also chop the lower third of the peeled green asparagus spears. Boil the peels of both types of asparagus in water with a tiny bit of salt, a stick of butter and a pinch of sugar for 1/2 hour. Drain the peels through a sieve, reserving the clear soup. Cook the white and green asparagus separately in a little of this asparagus broth until soft.

Soak the gelatin in cold water.

Drain the asparagus and blend each separately with the blender. While still hot, stir half of the squeezed gelatin into each puree. Pass the purees through a sieve and season heartily. Fold the chopped parsley into the green puree. Leave both masses to cool.

Whip the whipped cream until stiff.

As soon as the asparagus purees become firm, stir in half of the whipped cream each.

Rinse small ramekins (125 ml capacity) or cups with cold water and pour in the white mixture at the beginning and smooth it down, then pour the green mixture on top and smooth it down as well. Push the ramekins onto the surface so that the mixture settles well. Place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, or better yet, overnight.

For the salad dressing, cut the young onion into fine rings, place in a small baking dish form and stir through with salt, pepper, vinegar and sugar. Add the oil and

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