Trout Fillet in Potato Coat

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Preparation (about 45 min):

Marinate trout fillet with juice of one lemon, a little bit of chopped dill and white pepper, soak. Clean 530 g of potatoes, remove the skin and press them through a potato ricer.

Remove the skin from 270 g of raw potatoes, clean, grate coarsely and mix with the cooked potatoes. Season with salt and pepper, add chopped chives, dill, diced onion and parsley, potato flour and egg yolk.

Coat trout fillet on both sides with potato mixture, press a little bit smooth, bake in hot olive oil slowly on both sides until golden brown.

Rinse the lettuce a few times, drain well, arrange on plates with onion strips and diced tomatoes as a bouquet. Mix fruit vinegar with olive oil, grape juice, season with salt and pepper and pour over salad. Cut fish fillets into diagonal pieces, place next to it.

Our tip: It is best to use fresh herbs for a particularly good aroma!

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