Stuffed Goose #3

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Total time: 45 min




Rub goose inside and out with mugwort, salt, pepper and juice of one lemon. Make potatoes al dente, cut into cubes, chop onion and parsley and sauté in butter. Weigh heart and liver finely and fry briefly. Add potatoes, whisk cream with egg and pour over it, season with salt, pepper and marjoram, fill goose with it and sew up, fill pan with two-finger-high water and fill goose with breast downwards, roast at 200 °C with frequent watering, after half the roasting time (about 50 min per kilogram) turn to the other side and finish roasting, degrease drippings and pour on water, dust with flour and cook.

Tip: I myself, turn the goose, after the third time, back to a maximum of 175 degrees and cover it possibly something with foil. It remains just as juicy and also needs a little bit more time.

Duration of preparation: 35 min

Difficulty: normal

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