Pichelsteiner Meat – Germany

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Total time: 5 min



Cut meat and potatoes into large cubes, vegetables into strips or cubes. Put marrow slices in the cooking pot at the beginning (or coat the cooking pot with lard), then put meat, vegetables and potatoes in alternating layers, ending with a layer of potatoes. Season each layer with pepper, marjoram, salt and caraway seeds.

Pour in beef broth, let the stew bubble up and cook at low temperature in a closed pot without stirring for about 90 minutes. If necessary, add a little liquid. Sprinkle the finished stew with chopped parsley.


Outside of Germany, this dish is considered typically German. It belongs to the group of stews that can be found all over the world with minor or major variations.

The basic law for Pichelsteiner is that at least two kinds of meat should be used. Besides potatoes, which must not be missing, there should be several vegetables and at least one type of cabbage. All other details are up to the cook.

It is very likely that the Pichelstein meat comes from Bavaria (although the Bavarians are not very fond of cooked meat). It was named after the Büchelstein mountain near the city of Regen.

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