Pasta with Fennel Chorizo

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Total time: 30 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Remove the skin from the chorizo (chorizo is a spicy Spanish salami) cut into slices and roast in olive oil. Slice cacciatore (cacciatore is a salami-like permed sausage) and toast in olive oil. Add pepper, salt, coriander, fennel seeds. Chop the greens from the fennel bulb. Cut the bulb lengthwise, rinse and add to the salami form. Cut the stem from the fennel, save the green.

Rinse the spring onion, cut away the ends and cut the onion in half lengthwise. Deglaze the salami and fennel with white wine and steam until soft with the lid closed.

Bring water to a boil with a small amount of salt and cook pasta in it until al dente. Grate the parmesan.

Add the spring onion to the salami, cut the green from the spring onion, add the cut stem from the fennel to the salami form and if necessary pour a little more white wine to the salami. Add the chopped green of the spring onion, sage leaves and bind with a piece of cold butter. Add a little water if necessary. Remove the pasta from the water and mix with the salami and vegetables. Remove frying pan from the kitchen stove.


Pasta with fennel-chorizo sauce Parmesan (to taste) Sage and fennel greens.

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