Hamburger with Variations

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Total time: 30 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Basic recipe:

Tight Max burger:

Citro Burger:

Hawaii burger:

France burger:

Spicy burger:


For the hamburger, place the beef mince in a suitable bowl. Season lightly with a little salt and pepper. Add oil (1) and knead together to form a meat dough. Roll out quantity in about 1 cm thick, preferably between two layers of plastic wrap, and cut out hamburgers with a cup or special give. Heat oil (2) in a coated frying pan and fry meat in it for 3 minutes on each side. Place hamburger between two buns with a lettuce leaf and the desired garnish.

For a variation on a Strammen Max burger, toast eggs, season yolks lightly with salt and carefully place on top of hamburger. Cut breakfast bacon into strips, fry briefly and place on top of burger. Done!

For the variation of the Citro-Burger, cut lemons into fine slices, place on the lettuce leaf, place burger on top and sprinkle with marjoram. Place bun half on top. Done.

For the Hawaiian burger, top each burger with ham, pineapple and Emmental cheese. Bake briefly until cheese is melted. Place bun half on top. Done.

For France burger, blanch spinach leaves, chop, heat in butter, spread evenly on burger. Dice Roquefort, add on top, bake and sprinkle with walnuts. Place half of the bun on top. Done.

For the spicy burger, peel tomatoes, cut into cubes, sauté with pressed garlic and finely chopped peppers for 5 minutes.

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