Filled Pasta Nest

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)




Noodle dishes are always a good idea!

Soak noodles in hot water (Chinese noodles) or cook in salted water until half done (Taglierini). Rub dry well. Spread the larger of the two colanders with a quarter of the noodles, creating a pattern. Embed the second colander in it to hold the pasta in place. Dip colanders into the simmering oil and bake noodles until pale yellow first. Lift out and cool before baking the nest a second time, this time until golden brown. Bake the remaining three pasta nests in the same way. 2.

Drain the pasta nests well on paper towels. 3.

For the filling, remove the skin from the duck breast meat and cut diagonally into thin strips. Also cut the meat into very thin slices. Line them with cornstarch and marinate them.

Blanch (scald) the morels with boiling hot water and soak, remove hard parts. Cut the morels into bite-sized pieces.

5. chop the spring onions, dice the ginger and garlic.

6. chop the cauliflower florets, cut the stems into thin slices. Cut off the top and bottom of the sweet pea pods. 7.

7. both types of oil. Heat in a wok, over medium heat to begin, fry duck skin strips until crispy. Drain on kitchen roll.

In the rendered fat, fry the duck meat, sprinkling with some of the ginger and garlic and season with salt.

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