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Total time: 15 min



For the Feuerzangenbowle, in a large fireproof bowl or pot, pour the washed and sliced oranges and lemons with the red wine and orange juice and heat with the cloves and cinnamon stick. Do not bring to a boil!

Sprinkle the nutmeg and ginger into the heated liquid.

Place the pot on a teapot.

Place the sugar loaf on a fire tongs across the table. Now saturate the sugarloaf well with rum.

Now slowly pour a little rum over the sugar loaf with a ladle and let the flames continue to blaze. Skilled can ignite the rum already in the ladle and pour the burning rum on the sugar loaf. This looks even more spectacular!

When the sugar loaf is completely melted, carefully remove the fire tongs.

Stir the fire tongs punch and pour the drink into glasses!

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