Barbecue Italian

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Toasted Ciabatta With Aromatic Tomatoes:

Pecorino cubes In bay leaf:

Scallops In The Shell Grilled:

Salsiccia skewers With radicchio:

Grilled potato salad:


Lamb Chops With Mascarpone Mint Sauce:


Skin, core and dice vine tomatoes. Pluck leaves from oregano sprigs. Drizzle ciabatta slices with olive oil and roast on both sides on the heated broiler. Lightly toss the diced tomatoes with olive oil and a pinch of sugar in a frying pan with half the garlic clove until all the liquid has cooked away. Add the black olives and a few oregano leaves and season to taste. Spread the tomatoes evenly on the bread slices and garnish with the remaining oregano sprigs.

You can also make the herb mixture yourself. It consists of bay leaf, orange peel, rosemary, tomato flakes, black pepper and chili. The ingredients should be well reduced in a mortar.

Pecorino cubes in bay leaf seasoning

Soak twelve wooden skewers in cold water. Marinate the cheese cubes in olive oil with the bay leaves, thread onto wooden skewers with the bay leaves and grill very briefly on both sides until the grooves are visible from the broiler. Season with freshly ground pepper and bring to the table on the spot with the olives and oil from the marinating.

Scallops grilled in their shells Break the scallops out of their shells, clean them and rinse the white meat and the corail (roe) under running water, rub them dry. Mix lime juice with honey and olive oil, season. Stir through with the mango apple cubes and herbs. Return the cleaned scallops to the

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