Wahe, Flade, Thin…

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Total time: 45 min

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Whether ‘Wähe’, ‘Flade’ or ‘Dünne’ – the dough is the foundation of every cake.

There is no prescription with which dough to bake which cake. However, for fruit cakes, you should keep the following in mind: If fruits are used, which draw a lot of juice during baking, do not choose a fatty dough (such as puff pastry). Or, if you are using juicy fruit, sprinkle ground nuts or breadcrumbs on the bottom of the dough. Or if you like it very sweet, cover the bottom with rolled out marzipan.

Below are a few baking tips to ensure that these delicate fruit tarts are a guaranteed success.

Rolling out: If you buy ready-made dough ‘by the piece’, keep the following in mind when rolling it out. Roll out the chilled dough on a lightly floured surface until it is evenly thick enough to fit the size and shape (plus the edges) of the baking tray. This works very well if you place the dough between two pieces of parchment paper! Loosely spread the baking sheet with the dough. Prick the bottom of the dough with a fork and decorate the edge of the dough as desired. If necessary, chill the dough (in the baking sheet) repeatedly.

Bake: If the dough can rest in the refrigerator, it will pull together less when baking (this is especially true for shortbread and puff pastry). Always put the wähen in the heated oven (preheat to the prescribed baking temperature). Most of the wähen are baked on the lowest rack of the oven (the bottom of the dough bakes more quickly and the dough is more

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