River Barb with Excursion Tip Jochenstein

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A tasty river barbecue at the Kornexl in Jochenstein is an insider’s tip and a treat that cyclists in particular know. The traditional inn is located just before the Austrian border on the international Danube Cycle Path. It accompanies the second largest river in Europe from its source in Donaueschingen to its delta end at the Black Sea.

If you want, you can really cycle the 2,850 kilometers.

But to get used to it you can also choose the small, in about 25 kilometers long enchanting route Passau – Jochenstein along the “Donauleiten”. These are the steep southern slopes where special plants and animals can be found, such as the green lizard and the Asclepias snake.

In the Danube swims what is fresh on the plate at the Kornexl in Jochenstein: peaceful fish like nase, bream, perch and barbel. Mr. Kornexl Junior fetches them daily from the river.

Afterwards they are “spring-hardened” in the house edge with the ice-cold water of the house-own brook, which comes down from the Donauleiten.

Thus one sits resting in the inn garden. The Danube, tamed by the Jochenstein power plant, flows leisurely around the mighty Jochenstein rock. The resche barbel on the plate is well “schrefelt”, the small bones neatly fried away so that they do not stick in the throat.

Schrefeln is an old dialect expression for the secret of making the bone-in fresh fish fit to eat.

Tip Gut the fresh barbel

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