Krem De Cassis, Currant Liqueur

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Total time: 45 min



The “Krem de Cassis” is a specialty of Dijon and the surrounding Cote d’Or: Claude Joly is said to have “invented” this liqueur in 1841. According to another source, this liqueur was “invented” by Auguste Denis Lagoute, also in 1841.

The “Krem de Cassis” must contain 450 g of sugar and 325 g of berries per liter at 16 vol-o/o alcohol (law of March 4, 1908). At 18 vol. o/o alcohol it must contain 475 g of sugar and 375 g of berries, etc. 22 vol. o/o alcohol is not exceeded. The addition of raspberries or red currants is allowed, up to 50 kg per ton of berries.

Normally, the “Krem de Cassis” is made with pure alcohol, sugar and black currants according to a three-tier method. Here is a simplified preparation, easier to prepare at home:

In a large saucepan fruit brandy, spices and leaves form. Mash the currants and add. Add sugar, mix well. Fill in a large jar that closes well, seal tightly. Leave in a warm place – preferably sunny – for a month. During this time, shake a few times.

Next, filter through a dish and squeeze well. Filter again, fill into suitable bottles and seal.

(If too savory: dilute with sugar water – 500 g sugar for 5 dl water).

Shelf life: max. one year.

Tip: Always use aromatic spices to refine your dishes!

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