Sunday Rolls – Sunday Rolls

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Total time: 5 min


For coating:


Let the yeast dissolve in the water and stir with a third of the flour and the sugar. The whole must then stand about 1/2 h, until this mixture has risen well. Then knead the whole with the remaining ingredients together to a smooth dough. This is best done with a mixer and dough hook.

Later divide the dough per recipe into 10 equal sized pieces and form them into smooth balls, place them on the greased baking sheet and brush with water and notch once and stand another time.

When they have doubled in size, brush them with a mixture of egg yolk and milk and put them in the oven. You can also sprinkle a little hail sugar in the cut.

Bake at hot air: 190 °C 20-25 min, O/U temperature: 210 °C 20-25 min

Variations: Per recipe 100 g raisins to the dough form, but then do not cut before baking. Or form croissants, pretzels, … form.

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