Spreewald Sauerbraten

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (servings)


Spice mixture from:


Lard the meat and rub it well with the seasoning mixture. Put it in a container, add bay leaf spice and crushed peppercorns and pour the wine over it. If possible, weigh the meat down. It must be covered with wine.

Leave everything to cool for at least two, at most five days. On the day of preparation, remove the meat from the marinade and pat dry.

Brown well on all sides in very hot fat, then add the chopped root vegetables and a few dried mushrooms (if desired, also a chopped onion).

During cooking, use some of the marinade to pour over the meat. Season carefully so that not too much of the marinade is used. When the meat is cooked (about 2 hours), cut into slices, thicken the sauce and serve with green or boiled potatoes and dumplings. **

Our tip: Use a bacon with a strong flavor – so you give this dish a special touch!

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