Cheese: These Are the Healthiest

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Total time: 45 min

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How you can with Co and Gouda. Your body can eat fit: Harzer: The caries scare.

What’s In It: Lean quark of spicy good taste with high protein content. High calcium value.

How much you should eat: “Up to 90 g a day can be enjoyed without restraint!” says Dr. Peter Brandt, Würzburg.

Goat cheese: The cancer killer What In Ihm Steckt: Up to 60% fat content. Top value for phosphate and vitamin A content.

What It Does: Reduces the risk of lung and colon cancer. Fights bone loss.

How much to eat: 40 g per day covers your daily needs. Prof.

Meyskens, Usa: “A secret weapon against cancer.” Gorgonzola: The Muscle Maker What’s In It: Semi-firm blue cheese from Italy, rich in vitamin B6 and calcium.

What It Does: Good for skin and muscles. Relieves liver and nervous system dysfunction.

What it does: sharpens eyesight and strengthens fingernails. However: Do not use it if you are overweight or diabetic.

How Much You Should Eat: At more than 25 g a day, the guilty conscience should set in.

Gouda: The strength maker What’s in it: Several fat levels (30-50%), rich in vitamin A and sodium What it does: Necessary for the growth and functioning of the mucous membranes.

How Much You Should Eat: Due to the high salt content, the best food for sweating athletes. 50 g per day is okay.

Emmental: The pick-me-up What’s In It: Made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, 45% fat content, high iron, calcium and salt content.

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