Bavarian Liver Loaf

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Total time: 45 min



Cut the meat into strips. Ice cold, mix with the ice and the remaining ingredients, except the fat. Drive through the coarse and medium slice of wolf.

Pass the fat through separately.

Emulsify in cutter, adding fat when meat binds.

Fill into loaf pans and roast for 3 hours under refrigeration. Before baking, cut the surface crosswise.

Bake at 165 °C until a core temperature of 70 °C is reached.

Note inventor:

Meat must be very cooled/frozen and fresh from slaughter and *never* turn on the spot through the fine slice. Grind first. It is not recommended to season the fat with salt before emulsifying as it will harden, never be able to grind as fine as possible. The curing salt indication refers to Sel Rose with about 5% nitrite content.

The pickling salt in .de is not the same as in France/Usa.

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