Eelpout, Eelpout, Burbot

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Total time: 45 min

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The eelpout, a fish in sweet waters, which resembles the eel in the smooth skin, but has a large head and thick belly.

Gadus Lota, L. The name eel caterpillar, or eel group, as it is also found, is undoubtedly derived from robbery, because it is a predatory fish, resembling the eel. In Switzerland it is called Raubaal, on the Rhine it is called Ruffelk, Ruffolk, in other areas Ruppe, in Austria Rutte, in Bavaria Rutten. Its Dutch and Lower Saxon name is Quappe, as well as Daen, Aalquabbe, Aalquappe. Quabbe, English Quab, from the Lower Saxon, Quapp, a bag, dewlap, or tube, because of its thick belly. In some Upper German regions it is also called Trüsche, Trusche, Trusch.

Genus and description: divided into the family of throat and soft fins. It is a fish with a little bit broad head, slender body and soft fins. The eelpout is a fast-growing predator that consumes both invertebrates and fish in considerable quantities and sizes.Its menu plan is highly variable and adapts flexibly to seasonal or local supply. Eelworms grow to a length of 30 to 60 cm. They prefer cool clear waters in Europe, Asia and America (*). It is scaleless like the eel and is therefore also skinned. Its flesh is light, firm, fatty, tasty, and exceptionally low in bones.

Preparation methods:

Since the scaleless eelpout has a mucilaginous skin, it can be

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